Custom Homes: 6 Smart Choices

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The freedom associated with choosing a custom house can be something you're excited about. Making decisions about paint and floor coverings can be fun. However, you should also be aware of these custom structure issues that could affect your happiness with the house and your future.

Examining the Neighborhood

Your primary motivation for finding an empty lot is to find a place where your house can be constructed. You might accept that the lot could be further away from the town center or that it is in a neighborhood that's a bit more rural than you'd prefer. However, it is vital that you really explore neighborhoods before buying a lot to put your custom house on.

For starters, you should look at existing structures in the area. If the house you're about to build will clash in terms of size or appearance, you might want to re-think getting the lot. Look for lots in safe neighborhoods where your new house will fit in without attracting negative attention.

Understanding Your Wants

You might think it's silly to examine your needs too much; you may have already have a basic idea of how you want the house to look. However, if you're doing a custom build, why not really think about what that means to you? Look at your current home and create a list of all the things about it that you wish were different. Go room by room so that you don't get overwhelmed. Do you wish the kitchen counters were higher, for instance? Would you prefer the kids to have a shared bathroom with different entrances? Your budget may not allow for all the things you want to do, but making a list and talking it over with contractors could make your custom house even better.

Getting Involved

Once a general contractor has been retained, you might think it's time to back off and focus on other life activities until the home is finally finished. However, as the house takes form, it's important to remain involved with the process. Tasks you can take on include:

Don't wait for monthly contractor meetings to find out how construction is going. If you can be involved more often, your satisfaction with the house is likely to be greater.

Expecting Delays

Even with frequent involvement and a good team building the house, delays are almost inevitable. Storms in other states, order mistakes, and a change of mind could all slow down construction. Expect that going into the process.

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