AC Maintenance And Improvements That You Want To Do When You Are Not Using The System

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The autumn months are a time when there is a lot of maintenance to do around your home before the cold winter weather arrives. During the autumn and winter months, there are maintenance tasks and improvements that you will want to do while you are not using the cooling in your home. The following tips will help you with the maintenance and improvements that you want to do while you are not using your air conditioning: 

Cleaning the Ducts and Changing Thee Filters to Prepare for a Change of Seasons  

One of the first air conditioning maintenance tasks to do when you turn the AC off is to clean the ducts. This will help reduce the wear on your HVAC equipment and improve the energy efficiency of your system. This is something that an AC maintenance service can do when they do common tasks like cleaning and changing filters to prepare your HVAC system for winter heating needs.  

Dealing With a Dirty AC Unit and Damage Due to Summer and Autumn Storms  

The AC unit is another area where you will need to do maintenance when your AC is off for the winter months. This is an area where debris and exposure to the elements can cause problems. Therefore, while the AC maintenance service is cleaning the unit, you will also want to ask them about inspecting it for any damage that needs to be repaired before you do winterization for the cold months.  

Upgrading Your AC Thermostat Before the Seasons Change and You Need the HVAC Again  

You may want to also upgrade the AC thermostat while your cooling is off. Today, there are many options for programmable thermostats, which even include smart thermostats that allow you to automatically adjust the settings over time according to your preferences and needs. Even a simple programmable thermostat is an affordable solution to improve the efficiency of your HVAC system.  

Repairing and Replacing Old AC Ductwork That Causes HVAC Energy Loss and Higher Utility Bills  

The old AC ductwork could be damaged due to problems with water, pests, and wear. The ducts may also just be old and inefficient, which causes energy loss. During the autumn months when you are not using the cooling or heating in your home, this is a good time to consider repairs, replacements and upgrades for your HVAC ductwork to make your systems more energy-efficient. This is something that an AC maintenance service can do for you while you are not using your air conditioner.  

These are some tips to help with the maintenance and improvements that you want to do when your AC is off for the season. If you need help with some of these tasks, contact an AC maintenance service to ensure you are ready for whatever weather Mother Nature brings.