Decorate Your Bathroom In A Contemporary Way

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Have you decided to decorate your bathroom with a contemporary theme? If so, maybe you already have a plan. On the other hand, perhaps you are still looking for ideas. If that's the case, from choosing black granite countertops to buying glass shelves, here are some ideas that might help you.

Black Granite Countertops - A great way to give your bathroom a contemporary look is by choosing black granite for your countertops. A matte finish will add interest to the granite. If you want to. make it more elegant, choose black granite with silver or gold flecks in it. 

Besides being very attractive and modern, black granite countertops will be easy to maintain and will last for a long time. Choose a black sink to go with the countertops. If you went with silver or gold flecks as part of the granite design, select hardware that will bring out the tiny flecks. For example, if you chose black granite with silver countertops, then pewter or chrome hardware would look really good. If you went with the gold flecks, brass hardware would be good. Either way, choose hardware with a sleek, modern feeling to it. 

Glass Shelves And More - As you decorate your contemporary bathroom, think of buying glass shelves that can be used for practical purposes and for decorative purposes. Glass shelves are affordable and easy to clean. Just use the same product that you use on your bathroom mirror to keep them looking nice. Glass shelves are very sturdy, so they will easily hold the items you'll place on them. As you select the brackets that will hold them, think of the hardware you selected for your bathroom sink and choose brackets that will complement the hardware.

Glass shelves near the sink will be a great place to keep things like a bathroom drinking glass, hand and body lotion, colognes, perfumes, shaving needs, and other items you use often. Place other glass shelves in an artistic manner to hold decorative things like your collection of glass perfume bottles, small photographs in pretty picture frames and even jewelry pieces.

Go with glass for your shower doors, too. Choose the same material for the shower door hardware as you chose for the sink hardware. And, consider getting a glass shower door that has a towel rack as part of the design. Besides giving you more space, it will look super nice with black towels that will complement the black granite countertops. If you will be monogramming the towels, go with silver if you chose chrome or silver for the hardware, and go with a gold monogram if you chose gold for your hardware.