Creating a Grand Entrance: Remodeling Ideas for Your Foyer

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The foyer is the first thing people see when they enter your home, and remodeling this space can help create a grand entrance. Whether your current foyer is dark and cramped or it simply lacks style, the following ideas can help you find the perfect look for your home.

Front Door With Sidelights

Adding a new front door to your home increases its beauty both inside and out. As you begin to look at different designs, consider adding sidelights as well. These long windows bring natural sunlight into the foyer, instantly brightening the area and helping it look more expansive. If you have a narrow foyer, you can choose one sidelight to bring in that extra light. For a large foyer with a cathedral ceiling, consider sidelights on either side and a large window above the door. Sidelights can be clear or frosted, or they can come with ornate stained glass to bring a vintage feel to your home. Your remodeling contractor can help you determine which design is best for your home's aesthetic.

Custom Cabinets

Instead of placing a simple coat tree in the foyer, work with your contractor to create a custom built-in cabinet. This space can be open or include doors and drawers to keep items concealed. This cabinet should be used for storing coats, shoes, and other outdoor gear. If you choose an open cabinet design, be sure to include shelves for displaying decor items, as this can help add a personalized touch to the space.

Statement Chandelier

One way to make your foyer look grand is to add plenty of lighting, and a statement chandelier can do just the trick. Choose an oversized design to draw the eye up, and choose a chandelier that fits with the rest of your home's decor. Crystal chandeliers offer a more traditional, upscale look, while wrought iron with Edison-style bulbs delivers a stunning vintage appearance. You can also choose polished chrome or brushed nickel designs to lend a modern vibe to the foyer. Your remodeling contractor can help you determine the proper sizing for your available space. Remember that a light that is too large or that hangs too low can seem out of place, and one that is too small can take away from the overall look you're trying to achieve. You can also add sconces next to your sidelights for brilliant illumination after the sun goes down. 

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