One Easy Way To Insulate Finished Drywall

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Drywall is the most common interior wall material for residential properties. It is used for a number of reasons. Most importantly, builders love drywall because it is lightweight, easy to add texture to, and easy to repair. If you have a home that has finished dry wall, whether it has a texture or not, you might be wanting to add insulation to your walls. That is, many homes are built with hollow walls in between the stud bays. This means that the sound and temperature insulation from room to room is usually not great. You have even more problems with the exterior walls because there is no insulation within the drywall to help fight heat loss.

Many homeowners would love to add insulation for a number of reasons. The best reason is that they want to make their home insulated and reduce their monthly heating and AC expenses. So, how can you add insulation to your walls if the drywall has already been installed, textured, and painted? Foam insulation is perhaps the most common and practical option.

Foam Insulation

One of the cheapest and easiest solutions uses foam insulation to fill in the gap in between the wooden studs. For this to be done, an insulation technician needs to drill small holes near the top of your wall and spray the foam into the gaps. By filling in this space, you end up with much better insulation.

The main problem with this process is the fact that existing wiring and plumbing within the walls can make it difficult to create perfect installation. That is, there could be large spaces that are nearly impossible to fill in without creating many more holes in the wall. Often, homeowners find that, after the work is done, it is difficult to match the colors of the existing paint and patched areas, so the project ends up being much more time consuming and involved than originally planned.

But, if you're looking for a cheap and easy way to add insulation to your walls, this is hard to beat when it comes to how simple the construction is. You don't have to do any serious demolition, and the project can be completed with minimal mess. It is a particularly smart thing to do if you are currently in the process of repainting your walls. By adding insulation at the same time, you streamline it and make the project much less complicated.