Pros And Cons Of Choosing A Carport For Your Custom Home

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Where you'll park your vehicle and store some of your possessions are two considerations that you'll have when planning a custom home build. Although many people go with one- or two-car garages, others prefer to spend their money on the house itself and are OK with not having a garage. Another option to consider is a carport — generally, a structure that has a roof and posts at its perimeter, but doesn't actually have standard walls. If you're thinking that a carport might suit the look and functionality of your custom home, here are some pros and cons to evaluate.

Pro: Affordability

The biggest advantage of choosing a carport for your custom home is that it's highly affordable and will cost you less than a traditional garage. A carport doesn't require nearly as many materials to build. Although you have the cost of the concrete slab, the roof, and the posts, you're saving a considerable amount of money by not having the walls, as well as windows, doors, and other elements.

Con: Lack Of Security

A well-built garage -- made by a custom home building company like Kavin Construction -- can offer a high degree of security, whether you're storing a high-value classic car or simply several boxes of other possessions. With the door and window locks, and security measures such as bars placed over the windows, a burglar will find it almost impossible to gain access to a traditional garage. A carport doesn't offer this same level of security.

Pro: Flexibility

Not having walls can make it easy to use the carport in a variety of ways. For example, if you have a fishing boat that you pull with your truck, you might wish to back the boat and trailer into the carport for shelter, but leave it connected to your truck. With a garage, you can't do this — while you might be able to back the trailer into the garage, you can't leave it attached to your truck because you'll need to close the door.

Con: Weather Issues

If you live in a warm climate, a carport can be ideal. However, it's less than handy if you live in a climate that gets snow. Snow can blow into the carport and drift against your vehicle, your house, or your storage, and be a hindrance. With a garage, you won't contend with such a problem. Talk to your custom builder about carports and other similar options to find an option that works for you.