How Cold Weather Affects A Crack In Your Windshield

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It is easy to get a crack in your windshield. When driving down the highway, objects can fall on your windshield from other vehicles. This results in damage to your car.

Some people tend to delay making a windshield repair after getting chips and cracks. They are worried about the hassle and cost of fixing them. However, you do not want to go into the cold season without making this repair because it will only get worse. Read on to find out how cold weather affects a crack in your windshield.

Window Resin Takes Longer To Cure

It can take longer to fix auto glass during the winter. The cold weather extends the repair because it takes longer for the bonding agent to harden. Cracks and chips are fixed using window resin. It is a substance that works as bonding agent to seal cracks.

Resin comes in different levels of thickness. The deepness of the crack determines the thickness of the resin to use to repair the damage.

Remove Moisture From The Cracks

During the cold season you can expect ice, snow or condensation to occur. If this moisture accumulates around the cracks in your windshield, then it can cause big problems. As the temperature drops, it can trap the moisture around the crack and cause it to expand. When the moisture freeze, it puts pressure on your windshield, which results in more damage. The crack also must be free of moisture when making the repair. For these reasons, you should not wait until the temperature drop to fix your windshield.

Low Temperatures Affect Your Windshield

Cold weather can crack your windshield. Glass tends to expand and contract due to sudden temperature changes. You should never pour hot water on your windshield. It is best to turn on the defroster and allow the glass to slowly heat up. You do not want to turn the defroster on too high to avoid shocking the glass. When your windshield is cold from the outside and warm from the inside of the vehicle, this can also lead to cracking.

A vehicle's windshield is essential for the safety of the occupants in a vehicle. It can also protect you in a roll-over accident. In roll-over accidents, the occupants of a vehicle can be ejected. Your windshield serves as a barrier between you and the outside. If you see a crack or chip, then you should act quickly. Delaying the repair can result in a bigger and more expensive problem.