Display Potted Cactus Plants On An Asphalt Surface That Is Bordered With Colorful Rocks

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If you would like to add an asphalt surface to the front of your business property that can be used to display a variety of potted cactuses that you own, the following steps will assist with creating a paved surface that is outlined with colorful rocks. The results that you achieve will draw attention to your business and some of your favorite plants. 


Clear A Portion Of The Property And Pour Asphalt

Select a portion of the property that is adjacent to the front of the business and that receives plenty of sunlight. Use ground-marking paint and a flexible measuring tape to mark a portion of the ground. Loosen sod by moving a lawn tiller across the marked land. Move the tiller back and forth until all of the grass or weeds that were previously covering the ground have been lifted from the ground's surface. Use a large shovel to scoop up sod and transport it to another part of your property where it can be disposed of.

Use the bottom of a tamping tool to compact the base of the cleared land. Add a thin layer of gravel to the base of the cleared property. The gravel will help hold the asphalt in place. Contact an asphalt company like Boswell Brothers Paving to order enough asphalt to pave the cleared spot. When ordering asphalt, provide measurements of the cleared land so that you receive plenty of asphalt to complete the project. 

Add Sealant, Cactus Plants, And A Border

Place wooden planks across each side of the cleared property. The planks will prevent asphalt from spilling onto other portions of your property. Use a wheelbarrow to pour asphalt across the gravel-covered surface. Move an asphalt float across the fresh asphalt to smooth out the pavement. Wait for the asphalt to dry. This may take several days, so place a couple signs near the fresh asphalt so that your employees and customers do not walk across the wet surface.

After the asphalt has dried, use a paint roller to apply asphalt sealer over the pavement. Sealer will provide the asphalt with a waterproof barrier that will prevent damage to the pavement. After the sealer has dried, line up potted cactus plants across the pavement. Use large colorful rocks to outline the paved surface. Press the rocks firmly into the ground until they are all stable.