Tips For Keeping A Chain Link Fence Taut

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Whether you have a chain link fence to keep children and animals in your yard, keep strangers from entering your yard, or for a bit of privacy, you will want to keep it taut. Over time, people leaning against it or climbing it, and even the weight of the fence itself, can have it hanging loosely and dropping at parts. To avoid having a wobbly fence, it is important that you check it regularly and repair anything that is loose as soon as you find it. Here are a few tips to help keep it taut and for repairs when necessary.

Use a Fence Puller

No matter how strong you are, trying to pull a fence taut on your own will not keep it from becoming loose and hanging. Hopefully, you use some sort of fence puller or stretcher when you first installed the fence so it may be a while before it becomes loose again. Anytime you need to tighten it, unhook the fencing from the post, use the fence puller and then reattach it. If this is in the middle of the fencing, you may have to use extra clamps to hold any excess to the post to keep it from loosening yet again. You could also cut out any excess but then you will have two ends meeting at a middle post, making it easier for the fence to fall if something heavy hits it.

Top Rail

Having a strong top rail will help keep the fencing upright even when it is not as taut as possible. If you have a simple wire running through the top, replace it with a rod or pole. If the fence is regularly put under a lot of stress, you may want to have both a rod and a pole. The poles connect at the corner posts with couplers but can be pulled out of them, adding weight to a compromised fence. Having the rod running through the top too will help to keep the post in place and adds stability to the whole thing.

Try to avoid putting anything too close to the fence that children or animals can climb on that will help them climb the fence. Anytime something falls on or against the fencing, move it so that its weight is not on the chain link or on the top rail. With proper maintenance, a taut chain link fence will last 15 to 20 years.

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