Replace A Cracked Piece Of Glass In A Multi-Paned Window

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If one of the glass panes in the multi-paned window in your kitchen has a crack running through its surface, remove the damaged section by following the directions listed below. When finished, install a new glass pane in order to repair the window.


Remove The Damaged Pane And Clean The Frame

Place a vinyl tarp underneath the window, on the exterior side of the glass. Use a small hammer to lightly tap the glass outwards. If small fragments of glass are stuck in the sides of the frame, put on a pair of work gloves before attempting to pull them out by hand. Insert the tip of a putty knife underneath each glazing point that surrounds the window frame in order to loosen and remove all of them.

Move the edge of a putty knife around the frame's interior to eliminate hardened compound. Clean the frame's interior with soapy water and a narrow hand brush. Move the brush briskly back and forth in order to eliminate any hardened residue that remains. Use a sponge that has been dampened with water to eliminate soapy film from the frame's interior. Wait for the frame to dry.

Install A New Frame And Insert Glazing Points

Measure the sides of the frame and purchase a piece of glass that is the same size. Secure a tube of glazing compound to a caulk gun. Apply a thin, even line of compound around the inside of the frame. If too much compound is accidentally emitted from the compound's tube, use a damp sponge to remove it from the window's frame. Line up the replacement glass pane so that it is straight and press it into the window's frame. Hold the pane in place for a couple minutes until it adheres to the glazing compound.

Insert the tip of one of the glazing points into the frame. Use a mallet or small hammer to lightly strike the glazing point until it is flush with the window's frame. Insert the other glazing points by completing the same steps. Do not open the window or apply pressure to the new glass pane until the glazing compound has had plenty of time to dry. Retrieve the glass pieces from the opposite side of the window and dispose of them. Contact a company like Bob's Construction Inc to learn more.