3 Common Plumbing Problems That Can Give You a Surprise on Your Water Bills

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You probably use plumbing on a daily basis and don't think much about how much a small leak can cost you. Something as simple as a toilet valve that leaks and needs to be replaced can waste hundreds of gallons of water a day. Damage to a service line can be even worse, and when you get your water bill, you may be wondering why you are paying so much. Here are some plumbing problems that can give you a big surprise when your water bill comes.

1. The Toilet That Keeps on Running and Flushing Money Down the Drain

Toilets that are constantly running can be a major contribution to high water bills. This is often due to the seal inside the tank causing the toilet to constantly be running and never fill. It is also a problem that can easily be fixed by replacing the valve in the toilet. At most, the toilet may need to be replaced, which can sometimes even cost less than the waste on your water bill, depending on how long the toilet has been leaking like this.

2. That Small Leak Under the Sink That You Have Been Using a Bucket to Catch​​

A small leak under the sink can be another major contribution to wasted water in your home. This can be caused by something as simple as a loose valve or pipe that has become loose. This can waste a lot of water and result in problems like mold if it goes unnoticed for a long time. If you have leaking sink pipes, this is something you will want to have repaired to prevent water waste and further damage.

3. Damaged Service Lines That Cause Hidden Leaks Beneath the Surface of Your Lawn

Damaged service lines can be another serious problem that causes a lot of water to be lost. If the line is on your property after the meter, it's your responsibility, and a leaking service line can cause thousands of gallons to be lost. This problem can sometime be noticed by wet areas of your lawn on dry days. Also, if you notice an increase in the water bill and do not see other problems, look for signs of a leak in your yard, such as moisture or plant growth while others are dry.

These are some of the common plumbing problems that you want to look out for to prevent big surprises on your plumbing bills. If you need help with some of these repairs, contact a plumbing service, such as West Sound Plumbing Service, to help quickly address this issues before they end up costing your thousands of dollars.