4 Ideas To Help Recover Your Landscaping After Having A Tree Removal Done

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Trees can eventually reach the end of their prime, which can be a hazard to your property and to people. This is why it may soon be time to have a tree removal done. When the tree is removed, there may be several problems that you find you have with your landscaping, such as too much sun for shade-loving plants and trees that are in need of trimming. Here are some tips that can help you recover your landscaping after having a tree removed from your property:

1. Shaping Trees For Unique Garden Designs And Healthier Plants

There may be some trees in your landscaping that stay after the removal. If they have never been pruned, it is a good idea to trim them to make sure they grow healthy. Some smaller trees can even be shaped to create decorative or practical designs. For example, some trees with thin trunks can be braided for a unique look. For a more practical design, trees can be trimmed to have a wider, fuller canopy to provide backyard shade.

2. Dealing With Shade Plants That Have Been Left In The Sun After Removal

The plants that thrive under the tree you have to remove are probably ones that need less sunlight. When they start to get too much sun, this can cause them to eventually die. Before the tree is remove, transplant these plants into large nursery containers to keep them in a shaded area. Once the work is completed, you can find a nice shady spot to give the plants a new home.

3. Adding Trees And Shrubs That Are Easier To Care For And Less Of A Hazard

There are also many different types of trees that can be less of a problem around your home. It is important to look for species that thrive in your region. Use smaller trees like dogwoods and Japanese maples can make caring easy, but you still need to start the plants by pruning them regularly to ensure healthy growth.

4. Dealing With Stumps And Replanting Grass In Areas That Are Dead Or Damaged

Stumps are another problem that you may have to deal with when you have a tree removed. This may be something that you want to do yourself by digging the stump up or burning it. If it is a bigger stump, you may want to talk with the tree service about grinding it for you. In addition, you may want to patch any dead areas of grass with new seeds to make your lawn green again. Use a grass seed that thrives in sunlight if there is not a lot of shade.

These are some tips that can help you recover your landscaping after having a tree removal done. If you have a tree that has become a problem and are ready to start changing the look of your landscaping, contact a tree service, like Mead Tree & Turf Care Inc, and talk with them about removing trees that have become a problem.