How Clogged Gutters And Tree Saplings Spell Bad News For Your Home's Foundation

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Homes with large trees growing in the yard can have several saplings coming up every spring from flying seeds. Water oaks are notorious for springing up all over the place when there is a mature tree nearby. When water oaks or other kinds of tree saplings grow near your home's foundation, you need to remove them to prevent their roots from breaking into the foundation. However, if your gutters are clogged over an area where saplings are being removed, learn why you need gutter cleaning and repair before you take out the tree saplings.

Clogged Gutters And Water Pooling Along Your Home's Foundation

When the gutters on your house become clogged up with debris like leaves and asphalt grit, they can start leaking. Leaks usually happen when the water backs up at the clog and runs over the edges of the gutter. Water running over the front of the guttering will fall onto the ground, causing pooling. When water remains pooled up along your foundation it causes moisture damage. Water can create cracks in a concrete foundation and it easily rots wood. Unfortunately, if there are water oak saplings growing near your foundation, they will thrive because of the pooling water from leaking gutters.

Gutters Should Be Cleaned Out Before Saplings Are Removed

If you remove tree saplings that are growing near your foundation, you will need to also make sure the roots are removed as well. When larger roots are removed, they can leave tunnels and loosened soil behind. If you leave roots and pour weed killer on them, they will die and rot, still leaving behind root tunnels and loosened soil. When gutters leak into loosened soil and root tunnels, the water can reach beneath your home's foundation fast. When water reaches underneath your foundation, your home's structural integrity can be compromised. Water going underneath the foundation can create a lot of moisture under your home that can cause floor joists to start rotting as well. Never remove tree saplings and their roots from near your home's foundation until you have checked your gutters and cleaned them out.

Taking the best care of your home starts with paying close attention to the gutters and foundation. If you worry about your gutters being clogged and have seen water pooling up near your home's foundation, cleaning them out as soon as possible is vital to avoid greater,more expensive damage from occurring.