High Volume Well Pumps Vs. Low Volume Well Pumps: Which Should You Get? (And Why)

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If you have to dig a new well and you can no longer use the well pump that was in your old well, you might be wondering what kind of well pump to purchase next. There are high volume well pumps and low volume well pumps, but how do you determine which one is the right one for you? Why would you want one type of pump over the other? The following information should point you in the right direction.

High Volume Pumps

High volume well pumps circulate a lot of water from the well into your home. Depending on the make and model, a high volume pump can send anywhere from one hundred gallons per minute to over two thousand gallons per minute. If you have a very large family, more than one bathroom in use in the morning, or you run your washer, dishwasher and shower all at once in the evenings, then you might have need of a high volume pump. Just be aware that high volume pumps can also be very wasteful of the limited water supply you have in your well, and if you are not using every drop that the pump is sending into the house, you may regret it when this new well runs dry later on.

Low Volume Pumps

Low volume well pumps, by contrast, pump much less water per minute and may even be slower in pumping speed than the high volume models. Depending on the make and model of low volume pump, you may get two-hundred-fifty gallons of water per minute or less. If you are a single person or a couple living rurally with no animals to care for, and you do not have a dishwasher to run regularly, then a low volume pump is a better choice for you. You may even want to look into some earth-friendly options for low volume pumps, which include using solar energy to fuel the pump.

Why You Might Choose One Type of Pump over the Other

Low volume pumps tend to be more energy-efficient, even though they may be a little slow at times. However, there are also many energy options to fuel the pump, including wind and solar energy, which would reduce your overall operation costs. High volume pumps tend to be energy hogs, but many of them also resist corrosion much better and can handle spikes in water consumption without stopping and starting. High volume pumps are also a much better option if you have several head of cattle or other farm animals to water every day, along with using plenty of water in your home already.

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