3 Signs You Should Have A Home Inspected Before You Buy It

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When you buy a new home, you want to make sure it is in great condition for purchase. After all, you don't want to find out that the roof leaks or the plumbing is outdated after you've purchased a home. A home inspection is a great investment, costing an average of $473 across the nation, and can save you money by allowing you to avoid or know about issues a home may have. If you are shopping for a new house and aren't sure if you need to do a home inspection on a property you really love, look for these 3 signs an inspection may be necessary.

Recent remodels

Any renovations or remodels to a home you are looking at should be professionally inspected by a contractor licensed to do so. This way, you can make sure that the front room addition is wired up to code or that the new paint job in the basement isn't covering existing water stains. You never know who the previous homeowner hired to do any remodels on their home or why they did them, and having an inspection done can help ease your mind if you are questioning any work that has been done.

Older home

If you are looking at an older home, you may run into issues with paint, plumbing, and electrical wiring that have not been updated or addressed. Older homes may have been designed using lead paint, copper piping, or old electrical wiring that needs to be updated to remain safe for current living. For example, lead paint was banned for consumer use in the late 1970s. Have any older home inspected to make sure it meets current code quality standards.


The longer a home remains vacant, the more issues it can acquire simply by not being in use. Water heaters can rust out, pipes can erode, mold can begin to thrive in carpeting and walls due to poor circulation, and other problems can become apparent over time. If you are looking at a home that has been vacant for several months or even years, have it inspected before going inside to make sure the property is sound.

While investing in a home inspection before buying a house may seem like a lot of money, it can save you the headache of repairs or surprise breakdowns in the future. If you are buying an older, vacant, or recently remodeled home, have it inspected to make sure that everything is sound before making your final purchase.

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