Determining How Water Is Leaking Into Your Basement

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With the arrival of heavy rain or snowfall, do you start to feel nervous about the chance of water leaking into your basement? If water leaks are an ongoing problem in your basement space, it makes sense to find the main entry point. Unfortunately, this is often easier said than done due to the way water subtly flows through building materials. Oftentimes, this means waiting for the leak to worsen before you can identify its entry point. Learning about the two following common leak points, however, can help you get a jump on the process of finding and fixing the problem. 

Weep Holes in The Brickwork

Basement brickwork often features weep holes along the bottom edge to facilitate drainage. The holes allow water to follow the path of least resistance to the space beneath the floating floor. Metal flashing covers up the holes to keep rainwater from leaking through the holes and overwhelming the drain system.

As your home ages, the flashing could suffer wear or damage that decreases its utility. When this happens, you will notice leaks in your basement with the arrival of wet weather. If you see water coming up over your basement floor from right next to the walls, you can suspect that the weep hole is the cause. This problem is easily fixed by replacing the flashing or filling in the weep holes.

Warpage Of Old Window Frames

The structure of old wood window frames warps over the years in response to fluctuating temperatures and humidity in the air. The subtly warped wood is not easily identifiable at the first glance, however, so it can be difficult to detect this problem. When it comes to water leaks, it only takes a slight deviation to let the moisture freely flow into your home.

You can spot water leaks along this area by watching for signs of moisture running down the wall near the window. Remember that water may deviate from a set course in response to texture changes along your brickwork. If you suspect your old windows are letting water into your basement, have them replaced right away.  

Obtaining Basement Waterproofing Services

Once you identify the source of the leak into your basement, you should contact a professional to seal up that space. Basement waterproofing specialists expertly repair the source of the leak to keep your basement dry year round. These professionals can also pump out any remaining standing water and dry the building materials with high powered fans.