3 Reasons To Choose Wooden Windows

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If you take a close look at most modern homes, you will notice they are built with synthetic materials like plastic and vinyl. These materials are preferred by many home builders simply because they are easier to maintain. Many homeowners also love the reliability and ease of owning synthetic windows, but don't love how they look. Shiny synthetic products often look out of place and fake on homes with wooden or stone exteriors. Luckily, wooden windows are still a viable option for homeowners. This article explains 3 reasons why wooden windows are still a great option for residential properties.

Wood is Stylish

Many synthetic window materials are made with fake wood prints and textures. Manufacturers want their synthetic product to look like wood. Well… why not go for the real thing? Wooden windows not only offer a style that cannot be matched, they can also be altered in many ways to fit your decor. For instance, with wooden windows you have the option of painting the frame a solid color or apply a tinted clear stain that highlights the wood grains.

Wood is Changeable

Perhaps the best feature of stylish wooden fixtures is that you can change them whenever you want. That is, you can remove the existing finish and apply a new one when you want an upgrade. This is vital to homeowners who are constantly changing and adapting their style to match with current trends. With wooden windows, you can always ensure that your window fixtures will fit.

Wood is Durable

While wood is a classic choice, you should also remember that it is extremely durable and easy to fix, especially with the help of a repair company like Summit Valley Glass and Windows. Wooden window sashes can obviously get scratched or dinged over the years. Luckily, basic repairs of wood are simple. With a sander, wood putty and touch up paint (or stain), you can basically fix any small dings. Fixing synthetic materials like vinyl is more complicated and takes special tools and materials. Over the years you will enjoy the easy maintenance and ability to keep your wooden frames looking great.

You might be tempted by the low maintenance of synthetic materials, but you should not overlook wood. It is obviously a great option for all types of home styles. There are many more reasons you might be drawn to wooden windows. No matter what your reason is for choosing wooden windows, you will certainly not regret the decision in the long run.