5 Steps To Help Prepare You For Laying Down New Plush Carpet

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If you are in the process of improving your home by yourself, a great way to transform a room is by laying down new plush carpet. Do not discount the value and appeal of a nicely carpeted room. It can transform a room, and make it feel more cozy and warm at the same time. If you are thinking about laying down carpet on your own, here are a few things you are going to need to do in order to prepare the room for the carpet.

Make Sure Your Floor Is Level

The first thing you need to do is make sure that your floor is level. If you are putting carpet into an already existing room in your home, it should be level. However, if you had to pull-up and remove old flooring, your floor may not actually be level.

You can figure out if your floor is level by placing a leveler in multiple spots around the room and taking the measurement. If your floor is uneven, you may want to consider either laying down concrete or putting down an additional layer of hardboard in order to level your floor before you put the carpet down. 

If you do not correct this, your floor will not look and feel level. 

Make Sure Your Floor Is Clean

After you have made sure your floor is level, and made any necessary adjustments, you need to clean out the room and clean off the floor. You'll want to move all furniture out of the room. You will also want to sweep, mop or vacuum the base flooring. You don't want to trap dust and dirt underneath your carpet when you lay it down. 

If there are any old nails or staples sticking out of your floor, you should also remove those at this time. 

Measure The Room

Before you purchase your carpeting, you are going to need to measure the room. Measure the length and width of the room, and add a couple of extra inches to each measurement. That will give you some room to work with while laying down the carpet. You should always measure your room at least twice to make sure that your measurements were accurate. 

These measurements are what you should give the company you are purchasing your carpet from. They should be able to cut your carpet to your exact measurements. 

Install Nail Tack Strips

Next, you need to install nail track strips to your floor. You can purchase these at your local home improvement store. You will need to purchase enough nail tack strips to go around the perimeter of your room twice. 

After you purchase them, you'll want to lay them around the perimeter of the room. You should leave at least an inch or more of space between the edge of your walls and the nail tack strip; this will give you some room to work with. You should lay down one right next to another so that you have a double layer of nail tack strips to work with. 

Lay Down The Pad

Finally, before you put in the carpet, you need to put in a carpet pad. This pad will provide you with cushion when you walk on your carpet. If you want more cushion, go with a thicker pad, and if you want a harder walking surface, use a thinner pad. 

Use the measurements you took for your carpet to help you purchase the right size carpet pad. You should be able to purchase a carpet pad with those exact measurements; however, you may have to put together one or more pads depending on the size and layout of your room.

Once you have completed the steps above, you are now ready to install the actual plush carpet inside of the room.