2 Reasons To Utilize A French Drain

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A French drain system is a drainage system that is designed to keep water away from the vulnerable parts of your home, such as your foundation and basement. A French drain system typically consists of a pipe system that is designed to transport water from the area around your home. Listed below are two reasons to utilize a French drain system.


One of the biggest reasons to utilize a French drain system is because it can be quite inexpensive when compared to other drainage systems. A major reason for this is the fact that the required materials for a basic French drain system are quite plentiful and cheap.

For example, a basic French drain system can be constructed using only a trench filled with gravel and pipes with small holes in them. The idea is that the water will gather in the gravel-filled trench, run into the pipe, and the pipe will then transport the water to its final destination. The final destination can be a ditch or well elsewhere on your property, or you can simply route the water to the street. 

However, you will want to make sure that you do not skimp on the pipes themselves as you do not want to have to constantly repair the pipes. In addition, cheaper pipes can often become clogged quite easily, which can render your drainage system all but useless.

Basement And Foundation Protection

Another reason to utilize a French drain is to avoid any potential damage to your basement and foundation. As water accumulates near the base of your home it can begin to put pressure against the foundation. Over time, the water can get into any existing cracks in the foundation and further erode it, which can lead to some very expensive repairs to your home if you do not catch the issue in time.

In addition, as the water accumulates near your home it can begin to seep through the foundation and into your basement. This can lead to you having a flooded basement if you experience a major rainstorm in your area.

Also, all of that moisture getting into your basement can cause carpeting and wood to rot while also creating an ideal environment for mold to develop. However, a French drain system can help you avoid all of those issues by ensuring that water cannot build up and remain near your basement of foundation long enough to cause damage.

Contact a contractor today in order to discuss the installation of a French drain system on your property. These systems are a relatively inexpensive drainage option that can keep your basement and foundation safe from water damage.