Cleaning Your New Glass Windows Like A Pro

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Now that you made the decision to buy new windows for your home and your house looks beautiful, it's time to start thinking about how to keep these windows in pristine condition. When you clean your windows like a pro, you will have clear, crisp windows for you and your family to enjoy.

Start with a Bucket of Warm Water

When you're ready to clean your windows, you'll need a bucket of warm water to start. Using some paper towels that are lint free, or a microfiber cloth, wipe off any dirt or grime that are on your windows. If you windows are very dirty, add a small amount of detergent to the water, and use this mixture to wash the windows.

Make sure that you wash the windows from top to bottom, to avoid streaking. Using a sponge, wipe down the windows using the soapy water. Once the windows have been washed with the soap, dump out the soapy mixture. Refill the bucket once again with warm water. Use a new cloth or lint free paper towel, and wipe the windows down once again with warm water.

If you have a squeegee, you can use this to remove any excess soap and water from your windows. This is the most effective way at removing water from your windows. Don't forget to dry around the perimeter of the glass with a dry microfiber cloth or paper towel. 

Be careful to avoid over wiping your windows. Wiping your windows too much can cause static electricity to build up. This will attract dust to your windows.

Cleaning Windows on the Second Floor

If you have windows on your second floor that are difficult to reach, there are new windows on the market that will open up and allow you to reach the outside of the glass from the inside of your home. If you already have this type of window, then it's easy to clean both sides of the glass. If your windows are older, it's probably time to consider replacement windows so that you don't have to hire a service to come and clean the outside of your windows.

Part of keeping your home in good shape for you to enjoy, is keeping your windows looking beautiful. This adds wonderful curb appeal to your home, and it allows you to have a great view of what is right outside in your own backyard. For more information, contact a company like Jesse's Tri-City Glass & Mirror Inc.