Tips For Installing A Shallow Water Well's Submersible Pump

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If you are going to tackle the project of putting a submersible pump down your property's new shallow water well, then you will be happy to learn that there are some simple things you can do to make the job easier on yourself. 

Follow these tips to install your new well's submersible pump like a professional:

Test the Submersible Pump Before Installing It Into Your Well

Since submersible well pumps run on electricity and are in constant contact with water, you need to have a licensed well contractor or electrician wire the pump into your property's power panel. Improper installation of the electrical wires into the power panel can cause an electrical fire and is also a risk for electrocution.

Once the contractor has connected live power safely to your well's new pump, then you should test the pump to make sure that it is working properly. To test the pump, flip on the breaker that connects to the pump and ensure that the pump's blades begin to spin. Do not leave the pump running outside of water for longer than necessary to ensure that it has power, as this can damage the pump since it is designed to function underwater.

This simple step will prevent you from having to remove the pump after installation if there is some sort of mechanical problem.

Attach the Electrical Wires to the Pump's Pipe

The electrical current necessary to run your new well's submersible pump will be carried down to the pump using waterproof wires. To keep the wires from sagging or becoming tangled during the installation of the pump into the well casing, simply tape the wires in place. You should tape them every couple of feet along the well pipe for best results.

You should use a waterproof tape for this application, and you should not use zipper-style plastic ties because they will be a pain to remove when you need to pull the pump out in the future for repair or replacement.

Always Have Two People Lower the New Pump Down Into the Well

Finally, when you get ready to lower the submersible pump into your property's new water well, ask someone to assist you. As you lower the pipe down into the well's casing, have your helper hold onto the pipe with you so that if one of you were to lose your grip, then the pump will not fall into the well. It is very important that you do not drop the pump because it can become damaged if it hits the bottom of the well shaft.

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