Fixing A Sewer Line That Is Being Intruded By Tree Roots

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If your home's sewer line has become damaged by intruding tree roots, then you will be happy to learn that the sewer line can easily be repaired by a licensed plumber or sewer cleaning professional, like those at Total Enviro Services Inc. Here is the procedure they will follow to get your sewer line flowing again:

Fiber Optic Camera Inspection

Since the invention of the fiber optic camera, gone are the days that your plumber had to guess what was going on in your buried plumbing pipes. Today, all plumbing problems are diagnosed by placing a small fiber optic camera into the pipes and looking to find the root cause of the problem.

To determine the severity of your sewer line's problem, your plumber will first inspect it with this camera. This is necessary to determine if the pipe needs to be:

Augering the Sewer Line

If your sewer line is not terribly intruded by tree roots but has become clogged from an accumulation of toilet paper wrapping around a couple main roots, then it can likely be fixed by augering out the pipe. A drain auger is a wire that is placed into the drain and it is rotated at a high speed. As the auger turns, it cuts the tree roots and they then flow down the sewer line and the clog clears.

Lining the Sewer Line to Prevent Future Damage

If there are a lot of tree roots that have grown into your home's sewer line, then your plumbing contractor can insert a flexible liner into the pipe. The liner will prevent any more intrusion into the sewer line. While this is more expensive than simply augering the drain line, it will provide you a permanent solution and prevent the need to re-auger the line as the tree roots grow in the future.

Replacing the Sewer Line Due to Excessive Damage

Finally, if your home's sewer line has become uneven or seriously damaged in multiple places by tree root intrusion, then you will need to have the pipe replaced. This is a common situation for older homes that were built using a clay pipe for their main sewer lines. The clay is porous and leaches out water that attracts tree roots that are naturally seeking water. Today's sewer lines are made from PVC pipe and are not susceptible to problems from trees or other landscaping like the earlier clay options were.