Home Projects You Should Leave To The Professionals

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There are many DIY projects you can do on your home. They'll give you some satisfaction of being hands-on with your living space. But there are some tasks that are best left to licensed contractors who have the training and tools to do a good job safely. Don't let yourself get in over your head and call a professional to help with any of the following home projects.

Old Plumbing, Sewer Drains and Water Heaters

If you need to work on a drain that empties directly into the city's sewer system, have a plumber do the work. City codes regulate how drainage systems from a residence are supposed to flow into the city's system. If drains are not installed at the proper angle to the city's drain pipes, you risk having waste water back up into your home.

If you live in an older home with galvanized pipes, you'll want to get a plumber involved even in simple projects. Galvanized steel pipes corrode and rust through. They can't be repaired and must be replaced with copper pipe. Copper and galvanized steel cannot be connected directly together because the dissimilar metals touching causes rapid corrosion. A dielectric coupler must be used to join the two metal pipes. A plumber can tell you which steel pipes are at a high risk of rusting so you can decide on replacing them with copper.

If you're experiencing a strong smell, taste and sediment in your water, you likely have a water heater problem. These devices are like large pressure cookers, heating up the water and creating pressure within a steel tank. Over time, the steel tank accumulates mineral deposits and rust. Your poor water quality is due to a water heater that's about ready to fail. Have a licensed plumber deal with this potentially messy and dangerous water heater problem.

Wet Wires and the Circuit Box

If you ever come home to find a water leak running down into an electrical outlet or light switch, call an electrician. Don't turn on or off any switches, and never touch the wet surface until you've spoken to an electrician. They can guide you through shutting the power off to the area so you'll be safe until they get to your house. Water is a good conductor of electricity, and you risk getting a shock should you touch the wrong item.

Any work that needs to be done in your home circuit box should be left to an electrical contractor. The box receives all of the power you get from the electric company and distributes it throughout the house. You can safely flip circuit breakers on and off, but should one go bad, have an electrician replace it. Also have them add any breakers should you need to install additional outlets or light switches in a room.

Attempting these projects on your own without the proper tools and training puts you at risk of a serious injury. There are plenty of projects you can do on your home, but leave the dangerous ones to the professionals. If you're looking for an electrician in your area, visit D & D Electric Enterprises, Inc.