Extend The Lifespan Of Hardwood Flooring With These Easy Tricks

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Hardwood flooring can be a great addition for any home due to how easy it is to clean and the sophistication it can add to any space, but it does require some special care. With the higher cost of hardwood flooring compared to laminate or carpeting, it's important that you take care of your investment with the right maintenance tips. By practicing some of the following tips, you can extend the lifespan of your hardwood floors quite drastically.

Install Window Tinting to Block Out Sunlight

Discoloration is an unfortunate side effect of sunlight entering your home and contacting your hardwood floors. If you're concerned about your flooring being damaged due to having your windows opened throughout the day, it's a good idea to get window tinting done. With tinting done to the windows in rooms with hardwood floors, you'll be able to prevent this kind of damage from being done.

Lay Down Area Rugs in High-Traffic Areas

If you're concerned over your floors being damaged due to how much traffic is in some places in your home, it may be time to lay down some area rugs. With area rugs covering the hardwood flooring, you can eliminate the risk of scratches and other damage being done.

Remove Shoes When at Home

While some people may be used to wearing shoes when at home, this can quickly lead to issues if you have hardwood floors. Your shoes can often come into contact with rocks and other debris that can scratch the floors if you walk around the house when they're on. Removing your shoes at the front door can help prevent this kind of damage from being an issue.

Keep Pets' Nails Neatly Trimmed

If you have pets, you likely already know how much potential damage they can do to your floors. While you may have already addressed housebreaking or litter box training, you also need to make sure that your pets' nails are being properly trimmed so they won't scratch the wood floors.

Focus on Regular Cleaning and Maintenance

Even with all this preventive work, nothing comes close to regular cleaning. Mopping the floors and using gentle cleaners will help keep the flooring clean and shiny.

With all the steps involved in keeping your flooring in good shape, you can be confident that they'll continue looking their best in the years to come. From routine cleaning to installing window tinting, your hardwood floors can stay in great condition. 

It can also help to have your hardwood floor refinished professionally. For more information about this, contact a company like J Maintenance Co.