Four Tips To Help You Add An Affordable, All Seasons Sunroom To Your Home

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If you want to add valuable living space to your home, a porch enclosure can be a great investment. If you do it with conventional wood construction methods, it can also be a costly investment. Today, there are many affordable alternatives like aluminum sunrooms, which can give you the ideal space you need outdoors. There are also many options for aluminum enclosures, such as vents, glass and windows. Here are some things that you may want to know before you invest in a sunroom for your home:

1. Choosing The Type Of Structure Design For Your Sunroom

There are many types of structures to choose from for your sunroom designs. These can be square, or they can have an arched glass in them. If you want to have a more affordable sunroom, a square shape is the best choice. The curved glass designs can be more costly, but they will give you benefits like more natural lighting, and they can be ideal for adding something like an attached greenhouse to your home.

2. Options For Glass In Sunrooms To Give You What You Need

The glass in your sunroom can also be made of different materials and include things like solar film to help reduce UV rays. You can also have clear glass, which will help to add natural light to your sunroom.  If you want more functionality, you can have the roof designed with windows and tinted and clear glass. The tinted glass can help reduce direct sunlight during the warmer months. The clear glass can give your more natural light and create passive heating during colder months.

3. Adding Ventilation To Your Sunroom To Keep It Cool

Sunrooms can get hot during the summer months, which is why you may want to consider ventilation. This can be achieved by adding vents to the roof of your sunroom. You can also have windows that open and close, if you do not want to have visible vents in your sunroom. This will help keep your sunroom cool and comfortable.

4. Installing Windows And Screens For All-Season Use

If you want to be able to use your sunroom in all seasons, windows and screens can be added. You can have them installed with a retractable design that allows you to open the area on nice days. Screens can also be added to help keep insects out of your sunroom, and there are even screens that can help reduce UV rays to keep your sunroom cool.

The addition of a sunroom can be a great investment for your home. It can give you outdoor space to enjoy. If you are ready to have an enclosure added to your home, contact and aluminum sunroom contractor like those at Rollins Construction and talk with them about the best options for your needs.