Protect Your Business Through Information And Preemption - Options In Fire Sprinkler Systems

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Whether you oversee a small office with a handful of employees or a huge industrial complex with occupants numbering in the hundreds or thousands, when you run a business operation, you have an obligation to protect the safety of your employees. One area that requires your attention is fire suppression, and it's vital that you stay aware of all of your options in that area.

Below, you'll find a guide to various types of commercial fire sprinkler systems. Having this information in mind will help guarantee that your workplace remains secure and that you can take pride in knowing you've done all you can to promote a culture of safety and protection.

Wet Sprinklers

The most common and ubiquitous type of fire suppression system, a wet sprinkler system will discharge water once the threat of a fire is identified. These systems are specially designed and laid out to maximize water delivery in areas where a fire is most likely to be most intense, maximizing their effectiveness in combatting the early stages of a fire.

Keep in mind that the effectiveness of a wet sprinkler relies on the viability of the water source it draws from. If your business is located in an area with a weak municipal water supply, you may need to purchase additional equipment such as a supplemental pump to make sure your sprinkler system functions as it should.

Dry-Type Sprinklers

If your work environment includes extreme temperatures or perhaps corrosive factors that make operating a water-based system difficult, a dry-type sprinkler may be the right choice. Pressurized nitrogen or air is held in a valve that restricts the flow of water and prevents it from sitting in the pipes until its deployment is absolutely necessary.

Dry-type sprinkler systems require constant upkeep to make sure the restricting valve is operating as it should. It needs to be both strong enough to resist water during day to day operations but also responsive enough that your sprinklers will be guaranteed to function in your moment of need.

Pre-action Systems

In areas where electronics or other equipment that is sensitive to water are stored, a leaky sprinkler head can be an extremely expensive problem. Rather than being willing to live with that threat, installing a pre-action system will guarantee that you avoid any accidental discharge. Hooking up smoke and heat detectors to your sprinkler system will allow for word of dangerous conditions to be quickly transmitted, guaranteeing a preemptive response that should protect your delicate equipment. (For more information on fire sprinklers, you can contact Nor Cal Fire Protection)