Bring The Outdoors Inside With A Four Season Sunroom

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Any sunroom can be a wonderful addition to your home, but a room that can be used all year long is best. A four season sunroom can be enjoyed in the heat of summer and in the cold of winter, and it can be enjoyable for everyone in your entire family. To keep your four seasons room feeling more like a sunroom, rather than just an added room in your house, decorate carefully. See below for some decorating tips to help bring the great outdoors inside.


To keep your sunroom feeling more like an outdoor patio, use materials you would find outside. Use exposed wooden rafter beams and trusses to give it a more rustic look. Walls can have stone, using air stone, or even natural stone. Include a stone fireplace as well to keep in line with the rustic look. Your fireplace can be wood burning, gas or even electric. Wood flooring is the best choice in this type of sunroom. Use a more rustic wooden floor such as hand scraped oak planks, or you can use ceramic or vinyl tile that mimics wood flooring. Add lighting such as a rustic chandelier, or some barn pendant lights. 


Keep your furniture simple by using outdoor patio furniture. Think about using wicker or resin wicker furniture, which is a sturdier type of wicker furniture. Look for a wicker couch and two chairs, depending on how much room you have. You can add two couches, if you have the extra space for additional seating. Arrange your furniture to facilitate conversation, with the couches and chairs facing each other. Add a simple coffee table and decorate it with candles, or lanterns. Bring in plants to add greenery to your sunroom and to give it some pops of color, while also keeping things natural. Use wicker baskets to hold things like extra wood for the fireplace, or to hold magazines or extra throw blankets or pillows.

A television can be added to this room you'd like. You can hang it up on a wall, or above the fireplace. You can also keep it as more of a sitting room, or a room for entertaining. Your outdoor view and fireplace should give you enough entertainment, that you may find a television unnecessary. 

A four season sunroom, like those at Patio Creations, will add value to your home, but it will also add enjoyment and memories as well. Enjoy your new four season sunroom, no matter how you decorate or use it.