About The Role Of Shingles In Preventing A Roof Leak & How To Keep Them Durable

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Roof leaks are some of the worst problems that can happen to a house, as the water can cause a lot of interior damage. The best thing you can do for your roof is make sure the roof deck is protected from rainwater, which can be done by make sure the shingles are in good shape. Discover why shingles play such an important role for preventing a roof from leaking, as well as what should be done to keep them durable.

What is the Role of Shingles in Preventing a Roof from Leaking?

Shingles act as a barrier between the roof deck of your home and rainwater. The shingles also prevent the roof deck from being exposed to direct sunlight. If you have asphalt shingles, they can deteriorate if you develop an algae problem and fail to get the spores removed. Algae spores are detrimental to asphalt shingles because they consume limestone.

Once the limestone in your asphalt shingles is consumed by algae, you end up with holes in the shingles allowing easy access for rainwater to get on the roof deck. If the rainwater has a chance to form mold, it can deteriorate the roof deck to the point that the water starts leaking into your home.You can end up needing a new roof, as well as interior repairs.

How Can a Homeowner Keep Shingles Durable to Prevent a Roof Leak?

You can keep asphalt shingles durable by paying attention to algae growth on the roof. When algae develop, it will usually form black streaks on the shingles. You should get the algae removed before it begins to spread. The removal of algae should be handled by a roofing specialist, as he or she will have to use pressure washing equipment for the task.

Don't just assume that you can rent or purchase your own pressure washing equipment, as using it without a professional can lead to shingle damage. A roofing specialist will know how to use the equipment without the water coming out of it placing too much stress on the shingles. If any of the asphalt shingles have already deteriorated before pressure washing is done, you can get them repaired for a minimum of $100 per 10x10 square feet.

Never allow algae to cover your shingles for too long if you don't want a roof leak to happen. Contact a roofer such as Russ Lundin Roofing to remove algae as soon as you notice a slight black streak on the roof!