Get Started Down The Path Of Home Ownership - Preparing A Home Build Site For Construction

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If you've decided to build a new home for you and your loved ones, it can be a very exciting and very rewarding process. It also comes with a wide variety of new challenges in the field of construction that you've likely never faced before. Chief among these is the task of actually preparing your site for building. Thankfully, your grading and excavating contractor can help.

Below, you'll find a guide to some of the steps you'll need to follow before your fresh ground is ready to have the home of your dreams built on it. Having this information in mind will allow you to have an accurate idea of the time and commitment involved, and it will also put you in a position to be ready for exciting construction when the time comes.


Whether you're building your home in a heavily wooded area or in the middle of a pre-planned subdivision, it's still important that you take the time to clear the ground. Roots, plants, previously existing construction, and even large deposits of rock can all create challenges that must be addressed.

Grading contractors will be able to swiftly and efficiently clear your lot to prepare it for building. You can be confident that your soil will be thoroughly turned over and any debris that may interfere later will be safely removed and disposed of.


It's often said that when building a new home it's cheaper to include something up front than remodel later. This means that if you think you'll want a basement, a pool, a large garage, or any other dug-in structure, your site prep team will have to dig it out before you start building.

This, of course, creates the concern about what to do with all of the extra fill dirt. Luckily, your grading contractor will also be experienced in dirt removal and will be able to quickly clear it away without causing any delays or cost increases.

Rough Grading

Once the rough shape of your home is cleared and excavated, it's time to grade. When you build a home on soil, it's important that it remains soft and forgiving to allow for maximum structure permanence. Your grading contractor will till over the full area of your home several times in order to guarantee that it's ready for construction. Once that's done, the soil will be filled in as necessary and properly aerated, meaning you're one step closer to seeing your dream home rise from the dirt.