Roof Leaks And Ice: Call A Contractor Fast

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If you have water leaking in your attic and through your ceilings, and there is a thick layer of ice around the bottom of your roof, you most likely have an ice dam. You need to call the professional roofers to get the area inspected right away, and to make sure the weight of the ice doesn't do more damage.

Without treatment you could end up with significant water damage and structure damage. The ice dam often forms when there is a ventilation problem inside the attic and throughout the roof. Here is what the experts will have to do.

Melt the Ice Repair the Shingles

The company will have to come out and try to chip the ice off the roof, or melt it. Once they ice is gone, the can repair the damaged shingles. They may have to replace the base of the roof, if the wood is severely damaged. Once the exterior damage is repaired, and water won't get in, they can start with the interior concerns.

Fix the Ventilation

The roofing ventilation system helps moderate the temperature in the attic, so it doesn't get too hot. Once the attic gets warm, because heat rises, it can cause the ice to melt, and then freeze. It can cause condensation in the attic, and can cause insulation can deteriorate. The roofers may want to add a new attic fan to circulate air out of the top of the roof, and this can help with heating and cooling costs.

Add New Insulation

Adding polyurethane foam insulation throughout the ceiling of the attic, directly under the roof, will stop moisture from coming through the roof into the attic, helping to alleviate trouble with leaks. This is also going to help with heating and cooling problems, and it helps with ventilation. Pests that get through the roofing material will have much difficulty getting through the insulation.

If the water gets into the wood around your home, the wood will start to warp and rot. This can jeopardize the structure of your home, and the safety of everyone inside of it. As soon as you see water leaking through the roof of your home you want to have a contractor stop the leaks. If there is a major roof repair needed and they don't want to do it during the winter, have it temporarily fixed until the weather breaks. If leaks persist, however, you should take action as soon as possible.