3 Reasons Why You Should Use Compressed Air For Cleaning Electronics

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Electronics can get dirty or dusty just like everything else. If you have a computer tower on the ground and also have a dog, the dog's hair is inevitably going to make its way into the computer tower. If you eat at your desk, your chip crumbs are going to fall into the cracks of your keyboard. Because your electronics can get dusty and clogged, it is important that you clean them regularly in order to make sure that they function as well as possible. One way is to use a traditional vacuum to suck out all of the unwanted particles, but another method that has gained in popularity has been using compressed air. There are three main reasons why you should use compressed air to clean electronics, rather than a traditional vacuum.

1. Safer: for You and for Your Electronics

Traditional vacuums are powered by electricity. This can prove to be problematic if you are attempting to maneuver your vacuum in areas that might be damp because it will increase your risk of electric shock. This is especially important for computers that are frequently used outside. Compressed air and compressed air vacuums do not run on electricity, so they can be used in areas that might be wet without any problems.

It's also safer for your electronics to use compressed air because they tend to be much more detailed than a traditional vacuum. A traditional vacuum will just suck away all of the particles and anything else that is not secured to the computer. A vacuum that utilizes compressed air is able to be focused and directed, ensuring that not valuable computer parts are lost.

2. Provides More Power than a Traditional Vacuum

A vacuum of medium size using compressed air has much more power than a traditional vacuum of the same size. This is extremely helpful because it allows the extra cleaning power to be accessible in areas where lifting a huge vacuum would not be sustainable. Because more power can be included in a smaller size, the entire cleaning job becomes faster and more efficient.

3. Allows Equipment to be Shared

A compressed air vacuum will be able to use the same processor that other types of equipment use, which allows companies to only need to purchase one or two processors. A traditional vacuum will need its own electric motor that cannot be shared.

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