Do It Yourself Residential Door Maintenance

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There are some door maintenance jobs that you can do yourself. You will only need a few basic tools for most residential door problems, and you may need a helper for activities that require removing and replacing a door.

1. ​Squeaking door hinges.  

Things you may need:

Dust and grime will accumulate in door hinges over time, so it is best to first try spray lubricant on the door hinges. Insert the small straw that comes with the can of lubricant into the nozzle at the top of the can. Be careful while inserting the straw that you don't press the nozzle and spray your eyes with lubricant. This straw focuses the spray pattern into a narrow stream. 

When spraying the hinges, place paper towels beneath the hinges to absorb runoff of lubricant. Open and shut the door several times to allow the lubricant to seep into the hinges. Spray again if squeaking continues.

If the hinges are too old and lubricant doesn't work, you will need to replace the hinges. Measure the hinges' length and width before going to purchase them.

Replacing the hinges will require removing the door. You will need to open the door and lift it. If the hinges won't readily separate, use a large screwdriver under the door to gently pry the door upward. Having a helper at this point is a huge plus.

Since the door is removed, simple unscrew the old hinges from the door and door frame. Screw on the new hinges and slide the hinge post on the door into the frame hinge.

2. Changing a doorknob lockset.

Things you will need:

Doorknob lock sets are available in different sizes, so the easiest way to replace them is to first remove them and measure the hole in your door. Buy a lockset that requires the same hole size to avoid drilling a larger hole. 

To remove the existing lockset, simply unscrew the small screws from the cover plate. Once it is removed, you will find the two larger screws that hold the lockset together. When unscrewing these larger screws, hold the doorknob on the outside of the door so it won't fall to the floor. 

To install the new lockset, simply join the two halves together through the hole in the door, and tighten the two long screws, then attach the inside cover plate with the two small screws.

If you have doubts about your abilities, a professional who specializes in residential door services, like those at Crawford Door Company, can perform these maintenance tasks quickly and efficiently.