Keeping Your Central Air Conditioning Unit Running Properly By Cleaning

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If you enjoy the luxury of having central air conditioning in your home, you will want to take the time to make sure that your unit is running properly so that you do not have a lapse in cool air when you need it most. Doing routine maintenance to your air conditioning unit will help keep it from having costly repair and will save you money on your electric bill.

Here are some of the things that you should clean before the start of each cooling season so that your air conditioning will run without a problem.

Cleaning The Condenser

You will want to give the condenser portion of your air conditioner a good cleaning since it is housed outdoors. During use it will accumulate some debris that should be routinely cleaned from the unit to keep the air intake at a constant level.

Turn off the electrical power that supplies your condenser. It may be near the unit on the wall of your house. If you cannot find it, turn off the main power switch to your home and restart when your cleaning is completed.

Use a vacuum cleaner with a hose attachment to clean the fins on the outside of the condenser. These may be covered with a metal door that can be removed with use of a screwdriver. Use a brush attached to the hose so that you do not bend any of the fins while cleaning.

Next, take look for the fan portion of the condenser and clean around it using a vacuum attachment that will get into crevices. You want to make sure that fan is able to move freely.

Cleaning The Evaporator

The evaporator portion of your central air conditioning may be located within your furnace or it may have its own blower. Either way, the fins on the side of the unit should be vacuumed in the same manner as the condenser fins were cleaned.

You will want to replace the air filter each year so that dust particles do not build up, making air have difficulty passing through the unit to cool your air. Make sure to shut off the electricity to the evaporator before cleaning the fins and replacing the filter.

You will want to do a check of the condensation tubing to that removes moisture from the air. If this looks dirty, remove the tubing and wash out thoroughly with a mild detergent and water. Replace after it has completely dried. To learn more, contact a company like Dale's Heating & Appliance with any questions you have.