How To Make Sure Your New Roof Doesn't Clash With Your House

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If your home's roof needs to be replaced, then you have a very important decision to make. It is vital that you choose a new roof that matches your home's architectural style. Additionally, your new roofing materials need to match the color scheme of your house. By matching your roof to your house, your new roof will enhance the look of your home — rather than detract from it.

Building Materials and Visual Clashing

Have you ever seen a house that sticks out like a sore thumb on its street? Sometimes it's due to a bad choice in paint color, but other times it is harder to put your finger on exactly what the issue is. The most common cause of this problem is when the roofing materials don't properly match with the architectural style of the house they are installed on. Both the home's, and roof's materials can be wonderful looking, but if they do not match with each other, then you get a visual clash.

Contemporary Architectural Style

Since contemporary style homes tend to have flat roofs, they should be roofed using a very high quality tar. Additionally, for added insulation, you can have the roof painted with a white material which reflects the sun.

Southwestern Architectural Style

The only two roofing material choices for a Southwestern style home are either clay or tile. As nice as other roofing materials can be, putting anything other than clay or tile on a Southwestern home will result in visual clashing.

Traditional Architectural Styles

There are many different types of homes that are considered to be traditional style.

Some of the most common are

For these styles of homes, the best roofing material choice is one of the following:

Traditional homes tend to look wonderful with a natural slate roof. However, stone roofing materials can be on the higher end of the cost spectrum.

Miscellaneous Architectural Styles

There are many different types of homes which fit into the miscellaneous category. 

Some of these are

Each of these styles lend themselves well to the following roofing materials:

The biggest advantage to using a fiberglass composite product is that this type of shingle can be guaranteed to last up to 50 years.


By taking care to match your home's style with your home's new roofing materials, your new roof will look fantastic on your home. Installing a new roof is a fairly expensive endeavor. For this reason, before you make a final decision on what roofing materials you would like to use, have a consultation with a licensed roofing contractor. Professional roofers, ones like Cottrell Bros., are experienced in this area and can help you to make a good decision.